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Water can have an unpleasant odor, taste, or appearance. These aesthetic characteristics usually do not pose a public health threat. State rules require public water systems to treat aesthetic water quality problems for new sources or if customers request treatment and are willing to pay for it. Most people want their water to look, taste, and smell good.

Musty, earthy odors, and tastes may signal dissolved solids. Such aromas and tastes may be caused by decaying organic matter in the plumbing or even in the source water itself.


Then there’s the smell and taste of chlorine. It’s there for disinfection to make water safer to drink and originates during the normal chlorination treatment process, but to enjoy the taste you may want to get rid of it. Metallic smells and tastes may be a sign of mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, or iron in the water. Manganese and zinc may also cause a metallic smell or taste. These chemicals may come from the pipes themselves.


While taste issues are only noticed at the faucet(s) where water is used for drinking, bad smelling water can be noticeable any place in or around a home or office where water is used. Depending on the extent of faucets affected, a choice can be made whether water treatment for the whole building or just at a specific faucet is best suited for your needs.


The unique design of the Filtration Cartridge Systems is truly revolutionary featuring One™ Water Filtration Simplified cartridge tank. Engineered to replace smaller cartridge style housings, the System yields higher flow rates and longer cartridge life than conventional systems. The Filtration Cartridge System can be used to filter a variety of contaminants, from taste and odor issues to sediment and fine particulate reduction requirements. Available for both Residential and Commercial applications. The Filtration Cartridge System offers a variety of cartridge options to suit your filtration needs, including:

The Orange Filtration Series - a dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions for extended life and use, with filtration levels of 5, 10 and 20 microns.

The Green Filtration Series - a electro-positively charged dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions that successfully remove contaminants from 1 to 0.2 microns, featuring ENPRESS NanoAl™ media.

The Yellow Filtration Series - a dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions for extended life and use, with filtration levels of 5 and 20 microns. This Series offers a combination filter composed of an outer layer of Polypropylene String with a Melt blown Polypropylene core.

The Blue Filtration Series - incorporates surface modified carbon block filter technology that is highly effective reducing bad taste, odor, and the reduction of chlorine and chloramines from potable drinking water.

The White Filtration Series - is a unique and high capacity granular media bottle that allows incorporation of multiple media options and solutions to be used with the series. The design also incorporates the patented Vortech® full distributor plate technology, providing uniform distribution and utilization of the media bed along with maximum efficiencies and service flow rates, giving system design maximum flexibility whether installed in up-flow or down-flow service.



Easy-to-access top and bottom opening for use with multiple filtration connections and solutions - in a lightweight and cost effective package.
100% non-metallic, multiple filtration solutions.
Three optional top and bottom opening connections for use with a pressure release valve configuration, a control valve or in-out head, along with bottom or top drain plumbing connections for residential or light commercial installations…extending the flexibility of the system to the end-user.
2.5” threaded PVC connection drain features a glue socket of 1.315” for multiple pipe requirement connections; while the 4.5” threaded PVC drain features a full 2.375” pipe socket connection.
All glue joints and connections are contained underneath and inside the vessel base, for clean connections and a visibly attractive systems for homeowners, businesses and consumers.
Patent pending no tools necessary snapring design makes it easy to access the internal filtration solution. Full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple.
Ideal design for cartridge use is the Pressure Release top opening with the plumbing connections at the bottom, so the end-user does not have to disrupt plumbing to access and service the filter.
The Cartridge Tank™ is tested to 150 psi operating pressure for high performance and is NSF 61 listed.

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Reverse Osmosis...removes a wide range of drinking water contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems force water, under pressure, into a module that contains a semipermeable membrane and a number of other filtration steps. The typical RO system has a pre-filter designed to capture larger particles, chlorine, and other substances; The RO membrane, a semipermeable membrane that captures more contaminants; an activated carbon filter that removes residual taste, odor, and some organic contaminants; and a storage tank to hold the treated water for use.



Reverse Osmosis improves taste, odor and appearance of your water
Reverse Osmosis will minimize your exposure to contaminants and may potentially reduce your allergy symptoms
Reverse Osmosis significantly reduces unwanted substances such as carcinogens, heavy metal ions such as cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury; chlorine, cryptosporidium, salts, turbidity, nitrate, VOC’s, organic compounds, dissolved solids, tastes and odors leaving great tasting water
Reverse Osmosis filters out pharmaceutical traces from water, the Federal Government has not established safe levels yet
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reverse osmosis filtration systems can effectively remove lead making it safe for consumption
Removes chlorine and chlorination disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs), which could potentially contribute to low birth weight, preterm birth, birth defects, fetal deaths, and other adverse pregnancy problems
Peace of Mind - knowing that you’re providing your family with the best quality water right at home for drinking, cooking, ice, baby-formula, & pets